Monday, July 24, 2006


guys!!! one year na kami dto sa republic of apalit, pampanga!! haha!! gosh! how time flies so fast!! :D so to commemorate my one year residence here in apalit, i've made a list of things which i really, really miss about home. hehe! so here goes:

1.) my room-- having my own room is a comfort for me. it is the place where i can freely think about things. It is a place of solace for me. i've missed the feeling of snuggling up to my bed on a cold, rainy day. But alas, here, i live among strangers..( err...not really strangers...:P) and in the past year, i have come to adjust to live with them, sharing stuffs and just the usual girly-sentiments... i don't mind having them around's privacy that's an issue..hehe!

2.) my pc!!!--- errr..not really my pc, but our pc..hehe! i just miss i've tons of downloaded music files there..haha! and the games!!! man i miss playing battle realms, red alert, and black hawk down!! heheh! ok, so i maybe a bit girly-girly but i have a tomboy-ish side as well!

3.) our dogs--i miss our dogs...but hey! at least i'm luckier here! my dog is low-maintainance! haha! you know who you are!

4.) my cousin and bestfriend exelzy! --yeah i miss this girl to the max!! she's my chika partner, partner-in-crime, and partner sa lahat lahat!!! i miss her soOooo freaking much!!!

5.) blueberry cheesecake-- favorite cake!! and it's been a year since i indulged myself in the pleasure that this dessert brings...huhuhu!!! wish ko sa bday ko, is to be able to eat blueberry cheesecake again!!

6.) my brothers and my mom-- yeah, they may be noisy and reckless monkeys, but they're my brothers!!! and i love them still..hehe! i miss making my baby brother cry!! LOL! i'm a bad sister! tsk! tsk! i miss my mom too...although we don't really agree on lots of things, she's still my mom e...and i owe her a lot...:)

7.)the biatches of my life---yes!! the ocho-ocho girls!! i miss these biatches soooo much!! so much has changed since we graduated! Leonie darling is now a proud mother, epyang, ivy and mia are still crazy as hell...hehe! shemae is happily commited to her is my dea couzin cleng...and what about yours truly??? hmmmm....hehe! i'm happy is good...and as for my love life??? hmmm...naaahhh....chekwet ko nlng un...LOL!

8.) the thugs of my life-- the engots of iligan city!! hehe! jokes!! i miss kulot, marlon, client, jun and louie...sad to say louie is back in davao na... these guys are the craziest bunch ever!!! they're totally freaks! hahaha! joke! bsta i miss all the ka-engotan they ever do...hehe!!

9.) iligan-- i just plain miss iligan. the city of my birth...the city who is witness to all my pains, my joys, my sufferings, throughout the 17 years of my fleeting life. the city where thousands of wonderful memories have been etched. the city i have come to love and appreciate all the more since i came here in apalit!! hahahaah! gosh!!!

10.) My churchmates-- and lastly, i miss the people in sa Church namin!! It has been my "home" for 5 years... i practically grew up with it...i've seen the rise of the locale since its is a big part of me and always will be...

penny for your thoughts

Many times in our lives,
we are dropped, crumpled,
and ground into the dirt
by the decisions we make
and the circumstances that
come our way. We feel as
though we are worthless.
But no matter what has
happened or what will happen,
you will never lose your value.
Dirty or clean, crumpled
or finely creased, you are
still priceless to those
who DO LOVE you. The worth
of our lives comes not in
what we do or who we know,
but by WHO WE ARE. You are special
- Don't EVER forget it."

babymoi now signing off....

Friday, July 14, 2006
bag Lady

now this is what i call innovation!!! haha! it really applies to the phrase "bag lady" LOL!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who’s your penguin?

When I was a kid, my only idea of a “penguin” was of that short, fat and balding villain from the cartoon series of “Batman”. Yeah, funny right? It was not until I reached the age of 6 that I found out what penguins really look like. Since then, I’ve fallen I love with them. I even begged my mom to buy me one, which I now realize must have seemed foolish of me! aha! I am not really a huge fan of penguins; all I know is that I fancy them.

When I grew up, I had a huge collection of dolls and teddy bears—no penguins in sight. But my affection for them remained. I’ve had notebooks with penguin prints, and I had this really cute pink nightgown with a huge penguin picture in the middle. And every time I see penguin stuff toys, I totally drool over them. It’s just my bad luck that mom buys me bears…hehe! :P

Aside from being cute and funny-looking creatures, I’ve come to really appreciate the penguins after watching a documentary about them. It was one really informative and heart-tugging documentary. But what caught my interest most was the way penguins form monogamous relationships. Yes, penguins mate for life! They form monogamous pairs that last for a lifetime! Isn’t it amazing? I’ve been so amazed by the dedication these creatures give to their spouses

Penguins go through courtship, mating, nesting, and the incubation period on land. During this time, which can last over 100 days in some species, many penguins do not return to the sea to feed, and some species can lose up to 30 percent of their body mass. After the baby is born the penguins share all responsibilities for the new baby. Parents alternate brooding with trips to the sea to obtain food for the chicks. In Adélie, chinstrap, and gentoo penguins, parents share brooding duties equally with changeovers every one to two days. The males in the crested penguins and the females in the emperor penguins perform all brooding duties.

Their dedication to the art of courtship and the conception and birth of their children drives them to abstain from eating for up to 100days. What could be a more heartfelt display of the love for one’s spouse and family?

Sad to say, these days, only a few people realize the importance of monogamous relationships and family. We hear a lot of news about separation, divorce, adultery, broken-families and abused children. We hear of fathers not playing his role as a father, of mothers forsaking their children, of mothers trading their children for cash, of parents breaking up, of husbands beating their wives, of cheaters, of shameless children. What ever happened to fidelity? Whatever happened to respect?

Some people just don’t realize the importance of fidelity as a penguin does. The penguin may not know anything about taxes, about the latest trends, technology and stuffs, but it does know one virtue which some of us fail to uphold—loyalty.

 Some may say that it is hard to remain faithful to someone, as each passage of time wears out the feelings you have for that person.
That is an excuse of a foolish person. It is not hard to be loyal to your spouse/partner. All it takes is each other’s efforts to work out
the relationship. Both should keep the fire burning. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and I am saddened at the prospect that some people
regard marriage as just some cheap boredom-breaker. I am disgusted by the fact that some people, who are afraid to grow old single,
rush into things and get married without even thinking.

think that we should set the penguins as an example when it comes to keeping relationships. They maybe just simple
creatures, but they taught me a lot and so much more. We should each be loyal to our own “penguins”. As loyalty begets trust

 So, who's your penguin?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I’ve been thinking one day, if I had only one week left to live my life, what would I do?

Gosh! What a hard question! I mean seriously, if I really would have only one week until I say goodbye to dear old mother earth I wouldn’t know what I’d do. Or maybe I’ve got a few plans here and there. And maybe I’d like to do some of the things which I’ve always wanted to do but lacked the courage to do so. Well, here goes a list of the possible to-do things:

Day 1:

-bond with my family…I haven’t been able to do this for a long time considering the fact that we’re miles away from each other. It should be memorable though, since I’d be gone for a long time then..hehe!

- go to initao beach resort…I’ve been there once and enjoyed the tranquil beauty of the beach with all its beauty and galore. White sand, serene, cold blue water and the setting of the sun….just perfect to do my “thinking sessions”.

- picture taking with my family.. might as well grab the chance for some nice Kodak moments! Haha! At least they’ll remember me thru the pix! :P

To sum it all one would be the perfect “family day” for me…J

Day 2:

- bond with my barkada!! I miss the old times especially those highschool days!!! I miss the ocho-ocho girls ( as what we were called). I miss the bickering, craziness, pranks and mischief we used to do! Hehe! Maybe we could do stuff like those again! :P

-joyride with them in the city! :P bsta anywhere…

Day 2 would be for friends…who I miss so much!! I didn’t know I was missing them so much until I started writing this! Haiii.. J

Day 3:

-net surfing day! Haha! I’d be emailing and texting my friends and tell them that I’d be gone for a very, very, very, very long time! Think that would be fun! Hehe!

- eat all the Cadbury roasted almond chocolates that I want! Hahah! Joke! Screw diabetes! I’m dying anyway! :P

- eat all the cheese flavored Pringles!! Haha! I love Pringles! And oh yeah, those yummy yummy fries from them! And all those other foods I missed eating….like the ever favorite blueberry cheesecake!! Yum!!!! Screw obesity!

Day 3 is food craving satisfaction day...ngek!

Day 4

- this day would be for spending a quiet time in a park or somewhere peaceful so that I can have time to think. I like spending time to think alone. It gives me this inner peace. Hehe! As if naman I have one! :P bsta..i’d like to go back to places which are memorable to me. I’d like to relive memories imprinted in them. I’m that sentimental. Or maybe I’d read a good book or two. I like reading somewhere quiet…it’s relaxing…J

-attend my last prayer meeting ever. Of course at least before I depart from this world, I’d learn wisdom from the Holy Scriptures... J

And to make the day complete, I’ll be listening to all the love songs in my song collection. Its better to listen to it before I go to bed…being senti has its good points..hehe!

Day 5

-Friday!! Friday is a great day! So many things to do!! First of all, I’d be packing some of my clothes and send them for donation or hand them down to some relatives.. J and keep some of my sentimental stuff like letters, photographs and cd’s tucked away in a box.. I’d clean my room til it’s spic and span.

-practice for my last dance…J in preparation for Thanksgiving Day. This should be the best performance coz this is the last! Hehe! This is a great way to bond with my churchmates too!

- I’d go out with the love of my life…and spend the rest of the day together…just the two of us..somewhere the beach watching the sunset, or just in one corner..hugging each other. I want to be able to tell him how much I love him so much! Just before I leave…I want him to know that… J

To end the day, I’d sleep beside him…

Day 6

- Thanksgiving Day!! A special day! And my last Thanksgiving Day! It should be a memorable day. I’d be able to give my final thanks to my Creator before I die. It is a good chance to be able to do something good too. And at the same time learn new things that are taught by the scriptures.

-attend worship service at night….

I’d sleep beside my love the whole night till tomorrow comes…

Day 7

My last day on earth…I don’t know…maybe I’ll cry myself before I drop dead…actually I feel a bit teary-eyed na already….haha!


Whew! Writing that list was some kind of an experience for me. I realized that there still are lots of other things that I want to do, besides what I have written, before I die. I feel like I haven’t done enough yet. I still need to find out more about life, meet new people, learn things, and all that stuff…I think I haven’t been a good ate to my brothers and I would like to remedy that…and then I ended up thinking last night, what if I don’t know that I will only have a week to live? Will I still be able to do the things that I have planned out? What if I won’t be able to carry out those things? What if tomorrow never comes? So many what ifs…I can only sigh….

I really should say I love you more often to my dad, to my mom and to the ones I love… To my brothers who I bully a lot..hehe! I really should ask forgiveness to those I hurt in the past and forgive those who have hurt me deeply…in that way, I can say goodbye peacefully…I realized that I’ve spent most of my time in vain and hadn’t really done anything relevant. I’ve wasted a lot of time on doing senseless things..and I’m resolving to be a better person. Haaaiii…

how bout u? what would you do if you had only a week to live? Do tell me…Just post your comments...tnx!