Tuesday, September 26, 2006

1. When a girl says she's sad, but she isn't

crying, it means she's crying in her heart.

2. When she ignores you after you've done

something wrong, it's best to give her some

time to cool down before touching her heart with

an apology.

3. Never tell the girl you REALLY like about

your "crush" on another girl just to get her

jealous, it'll only give her the impression that

you're not interested.

4. A girl can't find anything to hate about the

guy she loves (which is why it is so hard for

her to 'get over him' after the relationship's


5. If a girl loves a guy, he will always be on

her mind every minute of the day, even though

she flirts with other guys.

6. When the guy she likes smiles and stares

deep into her eyes, she will melt.

7. If you really like a girl, tell her, don't

hesitate, she might even feel the same way.

But if it's just an infactuation, DON'T.

8. A girl likes to hear compliments, but usually

is not sure how to react to them.

9. When a particular guy flirts with a girl very

often, a girl would start thinking the guy likes

her. So if you treat a girl just as a friend, go

easy on the smiles and stare ok?

10. If you don't like a girl who likes you, break

it to her gently.

11. If a girl starts avoiding you after you

reject her, leave her alone for a while. If you

still treat her as a friend, talk to her.

12. Girls enjoy talking about what they feel.

Music, poetry, drawings and writing are ways

of expressing themselves (which explains why

most girls like writing journals)

13. Never tell a girl that she is useless in any way.

14. Girls might sound uninterested when you ask

her to be your girlfriend, it's their way of

playing hard to get, she doesn't want to seem

too available. So don't give up.

15. Being too serious can turn a girl off.

16. When the guy she likes calls her for the

first time, the girl may act uninterested during

the call. But as soon as the phone is back on

the hook, she will whoop with joy and

immediately start telephoning her friends to

spread the news.

17. A smile means a lot to a girl.

18. If you like a girl, try making friends with

her first. Let her get to know you.

19. If a girl says she can't go out with you

because she has to study, leave.

20. But if she still calls you or expect a call

from you, stay.

21. Don't try to guess a girl's feelings. Ask her.

22. Hearing the words "I love you" is a great

reassurance to a girl that she is beautiful.

23. After a girl falls in love with a guy,

she'll wonder why she never noticed him before.

24. If you need tips on how to flirt with a girl,

read romance stories.

25. When class pictures come out, a girl

would first check who is standing next to her

crush before actually looking at herself.

26. A girl's ex-crush will always be in her

memory, but the guy she loves now stays in her heart.

27. Girls love having fun!

28. A simple 'Hi' can brighten a girl's day.

29. A girl's best friends usually know best

what she is feeling and going through.

30. Girls hate it when a guy pays attention to

them just to get close to their 'prettier' friend.

31. Most girls would wait for the guys to make

the first 'move', so guys DON'T hold back.

32. Love means devotion, caring and happiness to
a girl,

in that order.

33. Some girls care about looks, some care about

but ALL girls want a guy who will love and care
for them.

34. Girls want nothing more than to feel loved.

35. Don't wait too long to confess your true

Girls might end up moving on.

>>>got this from friendster..haha! i so so agree with it...what do you guys think? :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'll be waiting... :)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog…been really busy and have not been in a chipper mood lately. I’ve been having so many problems just now. Yeah, we all do have problems, I’m not alone…

Does age matter when it comes to loving someone? Is it not enough that two people are in-love and happy about it? Is it not enough? Does age have to be a hindrance? Why do they think that just because I’m 19 I’m not old enough to be in a relationship? Why do they think that I’m not stable enough to stay in a long-term relationship? Why do they think that maturity comes with age? Can’t you be young and think maturely at the same time? And can’t you be old and yet still act childish and stupid? Is it wrong if I’m dating someone a decade and a year older than me? I know I don’t have to explain myself to anyone as to why I’m dating him, or as to why I love him… I don’t need a reason to, but some people just can’t understand.

I know all they mean for me is for my own good, and it’s either I embrace it or leave it. There’s no use in being stubborn though. When people say that all they want is just “for your own good”, it’s always a 99.9% possibility that it won’t favor you—but it will be good. You see, I’ve grown so tired of that “it’s for your own good” dialogue my parents always tell me, it’s like starting to become a cliché. But, I’m thankful for those times…I’ve really learned my way around life. Whether I like it or not, whether I bitch or cry, kick and scream, I just end up following them and it always turns out right.

It’s like this, you see guys, they are horrified by the fact that I’m dating someone who could pass as my older brother. They are horrified that moi, who just turned 19, could stomach to be with someone who is 30. So they tried to separate us. Is that fair? I mean, I’m not messing with their lives am I not? And what is wrong with dating someone older? How ‘bout Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? I think it’s better to date someone older than you than someone younger. I wouldn’t want to be considered a “mama-san”. Eeeekkk…

But you know what? I think it’s ok to experience these kinds of problems. When you’re in a relationship, you can’t avoid it. And the most wonderful part of it is that we don’t consider this as an obstacle to our relationship, but rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong TRUE LOVE can be. We’ll just be here…waiting for the right moment…and hopefully, we can make it thru together. It’s not like the end of my life noh? Heheh! I’ve still got my friends to back me up and besides, I’m grateful that we started out as friends. He’ll always be there. And he’s the greatest guy I’ve ever loved.

Oh what the heck, the world has bigger problems and here I am bitching about stuff like these. Living without having to feel pain is a worthless life. I say worthless because one cannot be able to appreciate life in its complexity without having to go through all the hardships that one has to bear. Life becomes more meaningful because of pain. Because you may never appreciate love if you never felt being out of love. You may never really know the real value of happiness until you experience sadness. You may never learn to appreciate smiles without crying your tears. I’m glad I’m able to feel pain. I’m so glad I’m normal…and most of all, I’m happy to be living this kind of life I’m living now… it is a life which has reason. ..o ang drama ko na naman…haaaiii… :P


I hope when i get married someday i get to make babies as cute as SURI and Shiloh...hahah! i'm weird...:P


my friend forwarded me a bunch of quotes which are "supposedly" from Oprah.. i don't know if it is true but anyway, i really like it...and i feel like sharing it with you guys.. :)

--If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.
If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay.

--Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior.

--Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache.

--Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be.

--Slower is better.

--Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy.

--If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends".
A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle.

--If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is.

--Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better.

--The only person you can control in a relationship is you.

--Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women.
He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently?

--Always have your own set of friends separate from his.

--Maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you.

--If something bothers you, speak up.

--Never let a man know everything. He will use it against you later.

--You cannot change a man's behavior. Change comes from within.

--Don't EVER make him feel he is more important than you are...even if he has more education or in a better job.

--Do not make him into a quasi-god. He is a man, nothing more nothing less.

--Never let a man define who you are.

--Never borrow someone else's man. If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you.

--A man will only treat you the way you ALLOW him to treat you.

--All men are NOT dogs.

--You should not be the one doing all the bending...compromise is a two way street.

--You need time to heal between relationships...there is nothing cute about baggage.
Deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship.

--You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you. A relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals. Look for someone complimentary, not supplementary.

--Dating is fun...even if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right.

--Make him miss you sometimes. When a man always know where you are, and you're always readily available to him - he takes it for granted.

--Never move into his mother's house.

--Never co-sign for a man.

--Don't fully commit to a man who doesn't give you everything that you need.

--Keep him in your radar but get to know others

>>> now, which of these quotes can you really relate to? let me know... :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The past unfolds in front of me…

Out of sheer boredom, I rummaged my old journal in search of a good read entry. I was laughing at myself on some of the crazy entries I wrote. Some cheesy, stupid and useless stuffs…I can’t believe I wrote those...haha! Maybe because I knew nobody or only a few people would care to read my journal. That’s why I was brazen enough to write the stupidest things I could ever think about…and even curse out in the open! Hahaha! So in short, that journal was my only outlet of all my mental-watchamacallits. It’s where I get to be this crazy and insane bitch regardless of what people think of me. (Did I just say that word??)

There was one entry which made me want to hit myself in the head though. After reading through it, I felt like a fool…I felt like an absolute idiot for even feeling that way. I know we all feel the need to let go of emotions, everyone of us each have our own “crazy-moments” in life. Life wouldn’t be so fun and exciting if it weren’t for those crazy moments… and you realize that when you grow up, you can only look back to those things and laugh at how foolish it has been to actually waste time and effort for those senseless things. But hey, it’s part of life… of growing up… and we can only embrace it or go against it.

Here’s what I wrote in that journal… an open-letter to my ex:

Dear C,

i don't know what to say as I write these words....I may sound a bit foolish or stupid. I don't care anymore... It's been so hard for me to accept that you are out of my life now, and into someone else's arms. Funny, but wasn't it just like a month ago when we were together and sharing dreams of tomorrow? How could I have been so blind to fall for you? You made me look so stupid. I want to hate you so much! So much that I wish you'd burn right this instant. You cannot blame me for feeling this. I try to be tough and just shrug this matter off me. I try to move on and unload this burden I’m carrying...but no matter how i try to forget you, no matter how i try to move on, there will always be things that remind me of you. There will always be something...
It may be cowardly of me to write about these stuffs in the net instead of facing you. But I can't face you yet. Not right now. I wouldn't know what to do to you. I just keep all these emotions bottled up that i might find myself bursting out one day. And I know it's not healthy. You never heard not a word from me after we broke up. I figured it is of no use to talk to you anymore. Friends? you still want to be friends with me? That’s bullshit! pure bullshit! And what good will it bring me if we'll remain friends??
that's just so stupid of you!
I just hope one day Karma gets back at you...and if u ever hear the song "i don't want to be your friend" by Nina...then you know it's dedicated to you...
--yOu think i'm so tough, but i just never let you see me cry----

Can you believe that? I can’t believe I wrote that…really. It sounds pathetic to me..haha! but at least it is an honest letter…too bad he never really had the chance to read it…

Speaking of Exes…

This very same Ex of mine to whom that open-letter is addressed to turned a year older on Thursday, Sept. 7…3 days after my birthday…isn’t that pretty funny? That’s why he is the most unforgettable ex…coz I know our birthdays are just days apart…haha! Kidding aside, he is the one of the most unforgettable exes because he is the only a**hole to had the guts to cheat on me! And the only guy to ever break up with me! Grrrr! Do I still love him? Naaah… let’s just say, that no matter what I do, I cannot just deny the fact that once in my life, he became a part of me. And the memories will always be there…they may fade, yes, but not that easily…I can’t force the memories to fade right away. Are we friends? Hmmm…I can’t honestly say we’re friends right now… And I think It’s better this way. Maybe one thing which makes it easier for me to talk about things like this more openly now is the fact that I know I no longer feel anything for my ex. I’ve finally moved on.

And I’m much happier with who I have right now. I can’t ask for more. He brings out the best in me. He makes me smile…and with him I know that I don’t have a need to be insecure. Because he loves me… that alone assures me a lot and so much more.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
i got tagged by alternati with this really, really long meme! waaah! And like him, this is my first meme...so here goes...


>I wish I was a different ethnicity.
>I have an eating disorder.
>I'm short.
>I'm tall.

>I think I'm really attractive. (LoL)
>I prefer winter over summer.
>I'm a geek.
>I'm a shopaholic. ( i can't help it!!!!)
>I'm reasonably intelligent.( ask my boyfriend! haha!)
>I'm attracted to girls.
>I'm attracted to boys.
>I like British accents.
>I smoke regularly.
>I drink regularly.
>I smoke socially.
>I drink socially.
>I get drunk easily.
>I do drugs.
>I will never date a bad kisser.
>I've lied to avoid kissing them again.
>I brush my hair at least 50 times a night.
>I'm religious.
>I'm not religious but have morals.
>I lie frequently. ( waaaaah!)
>I'm impulsive.
>I'm hardworking.
>I liked "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind".
>"She's All That" is one of my favourite movies.
>I'm good at History.
>I speak more than two languages. ( i know tagalog, english, cebuano and cursing....oh my gwash!)
>I enjoy taking pictures. (of my self! waaah! vain!)
>I like spending money on myself.(why not anyway?)
>I like spending money on others. (if by others you mean friends, family and my boyfriend)
>I have a regular income.
>I earn money on a job-by-job basis.
>I pay my own bills.
>I rely on my parents for money. ( guilty as charged!)
>I can cook.
>I enjoy cleaning.
>Tidiness is a must in my life.
>I like clutter.
>My idea of good music is Britney Spears.
>I have heard of Blonde Redhead.
>I enjoy Blonde Redhead.
>I'm fashion-conscious.
>I have good taste.
>People tell me I have good taste.
>I excel academically.
>I'm told I have yet to fulfill my potential.
>I'm good at sports.
>I'm good at certain sports.
>I couldn't do sports to save my life.
>I'm creative.
>I'm artistically inclined.
>I wanna be an artist when I grow up
>I wanna be an engineer when I grow up.
>I eat when I'm upset.
>I cannot adapt to change.
>I'm interested in politics.
>I have shoplifted.
>I download MP3s.
>I've done underage drinking.
>I've gone underage clubbing.
>I can dance reasonably well.
>I can dance extremely well.
>I dance like a cardboard gorilla.
>I can sing.
>I sing like someone stepped on my foot.
>I can swim. (within 5 feet lng!!!)
>I enjoy surveys.
>I enjoy surveys when I'm bored.
>I keep a journal.
>My teachers don't like me.
>I enjoy controversy.
>I can be a bitch/bastard.
>I have a thing for bad boys/girls.
>I have tattoos.
>I've been in a nudist colony.
>I'm not sure if I want to have children.
>I'm not sure if I'll get married.
>I know who I will marry.
>I'm interesting.
>I'm a good liar.
>People enjoy talking to me.
>I annoy people from time to time.
>I'm a born leader.
>I'm a born leader but shouldn't lead.
>I enjoy felching.
>I have a foot fetish.
>I have a shoe fetish.
>I watch "Sex and the City".
>I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty.
>I wanna be J.Lo. (no i mean i wanna have her ass please!)
>I cut myself.
>I've cut myself.
>I hate people who pretend to be suicidal.
>I hate popular people.
>I think cheerleading is a sport.
>I'm photogenic.
>I live in Chucks.
>I think graffiti is art.
>I have dated a criminal.
>I have been cheated on. (Yeah! Grrrr!)
>I have cheated on someone.
>I have a temper.
>I like playgrounds.
>I dance in the rain.
>I'm obsessed with Shakespeare.
>I have tanlines.
>My favourite color is pink.
>My favourite color is black.
>I would classify myself as emo.
>I'm musically inclined.
>I like listening to music.
>I like music-blasting cars.
>Thongs are comfortable.
>I like flip-flops.
>I know what monogamy is... and I believe in it.
>I wanna be a social worker when I grow up.
>I have sibling/s.
>My sibling/s annoy me.
>I think "South Park" is funny.
>I believe in LOVE.

>>>> there i've finished this effin long meme finally! haha! although i must say, i did enjoy it (kinda!), maybe because i was laughing at alternati's side comments on the ones he'd emphasized. hmmm..

here are the list of people i've tagged with this meme! enjoy!


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Turning a year Older

if you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.
~ Abraham Sutzkever

Today, I turn a year older and I feel weird. Haha! Maybe because of the realization that I’m not getting any younger anymore. I just turned 19 today. And I’ve just realized that all those 19 years of my life, I’ve been really blessed with so many things and much more. Sometimes I just fail to see it. Sometimes, I wish for something else than what I already have. I’ve taken some people for granted. I’ve hurt friends along the way. I’ve failed countless of times. I’ve been dumped, kicked, hurt and left in the gutter for long that I don’t know how I am going to stand up on my own again.

Oh well, cut the crap! It’s my birthday today! I should be happy! Haha! J

So many things have happened this year and I can look back to all those things with a smile on my face. Whether it be bad experiences, I am still thankful for those because I’ve become a much better person than I was before.

This won’t be the first time I’m celebrating my birthday away from home though. And I guess, I have to get used to this.

A new beginning with YOU…

There are mysteries about our love. Things that neither one of us may ever understand because love is an emotion without limit and understanding. We know we love each other but we could never explain completely as why we love each other. Love is not a clock. You simply cannot take it apart just to see what makes it tick, and even if you could, you probably could never get it back together again...

Sometimes it's not enough just to have you in my life; there are times when I need more of you than you give - more attention, more understanding, maybe even a little more of your time. Please
understand. I don't want to crowd you or ask too much. I guess that I just want you to open up a
little bit more. . . share more of your thoughts with me, your feelings and fears...and I want you to always remember. . . that you can trust me with your love, and I want you to know that the more of you that you can give, the more of me you'll see smiling. . . with the
wish to give nothing but good things back to you.

Let's try to remember that love means keeping in touch with each other's thoughts and feelings...listening, not just to words, but to the emotions behind them...seeing, not just the smiles and frowns, but the hurts and pleasures that causes them..

and above all...just remember that i love you...and words are not enough for me to say everything to you..there may be times when i've been unreasonable, stubborn, childish, and stupid, but i just don't know any way to get your attention (haha! in short KSP ako.. :P pero sayo lng noh!)..i don't know why i'm like that..it just happens...haha! And i've been really grateful that you've been patient with me..for bearing with my imperfections..thank you for trusting me..and i trust my heart with you... :)

we still have a long way ahead..we still have many dreams to make...the road ahead won't me an easy one, you can bet on that! But i hope that every step of the way, every dream we make, we do it together...

I love you be!

The greatest gift!

Last night, my ate told me that she is four months pregnant. I was left speechless. I was speechless with so much joy! I am now an aunt by official decree! Haha! This is one of the most wonderful gifts I’ve received in my lifetime. The thought of being a tita just overwhelms me. Maybe I’m being cheesy, but I don’t care. Having an additional member of the family is something I’ve been really looking forward to. I can already imagine my self playing with the baby! Hehe! With so much excitement, my ate and I came up with several suggestions regarding the baby’s name. It’s hard though, she’s looking for a name that starts with K for a baby boy. I racked my brain last night for really good names but can’t find the perfect one.

You guys can help out if you want. Any name starting with the letter K. remember it’s for a baby boy’s name. Kenneth and Kristoffer are not allowed. Hehe!