Monday, October 16, 2006

I’m so SICK!!!!!

Oh yeah, really sick… I woke up yesterday screaming in pain just because some stupid “wisdom tooth” decided to grow on my right molar! Leche! The pain is really excruciating! And added to that, I also developed sore-eyes! Now, I’m a sore-eyed, swollen-gummed bitch! I think I’m dying! How worse can it get? The sore eye I can handle…but this wisdom tooth thing I certainly can’t!!! Unless of course it will help me boost my grades this coming finals! So uh, what the hell is a wisdom tooth really? Can it make me any wiser than I should be?

And oh! Finals are coming up this week! I’m really excited!! Not for the exams mind you, but for the upcoming sem break! Yay! I can finally get that dreaded vacation I so so wanted!, this week I guess I need a miracle: To do well in my finals and get fucking good grades. Just that and I’ll be a happy person for the rest of the vacation!! Hahaha!

So what’s new? Hmmm..nothing much, it’s still so hot these days, although we’re already halfway in the ber months. And I think our teachers are trying to drive us into insanity by assigning hundreds of pages of reports and a 1 hour documentary on some dead person. Haaaiii… the life of a student..heheh! :P

I got this meme while i was bloghopping, alas i forgot the blogsite where i found this! LOL! anyway here it is:

1.) Single, Taken, or Crushin?

2) Are you happy with where you are?
>> yes...and why wouldn't i be?

3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
>> no...the ones i fell in love fast weren't the
right ones..or maybe i wasn't the right one..who knows?

4) Have you ever had your heart broken?
>> yes...everyone has had their own share of tearjerking stories to tell about a lost love..sigh...

5) Do you believe that there are certain
circumstances where cheating is ok?
>> no...i have never been the type to approve of
cheating..cheating is cheating...there is never an acceptable excuse for that....

6.) Would you ever take back a cheater?
>> NO....if he cheated on me once, he can cheat on me again....i hate cheaters... grrrr...

7) Have you talked about marriage with another person?
>> yes... :) and it's such a wonderful feeling how you are able to plan about things like that with if you're slowly building your future together with this person...

8) Do you want children?
>> yes..not now..but maybe in the near future... *wink!*

9) How many?
>> 2 or 3 will do...

10) Would you consider adoption?
>> maybe..i have been thinking about that for ages u know...i fear of becoming a mother because i might end up looking so fat and ugly after childbirth... :( but if i adopt..i'm safe..haha! but still, it's much better if u have a child of your own right? hmmm...i think adoption is still an option however....hmmmm....

11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know?
>> hmmmm....through a song or a poem maybe...that'd be sweet.. :)

12) Do you enjoy playing hard to get?
>>yes..i am hard to get... :P

13) Do you believe love at first sight exists?
>> no...i think there is no such thing as a love at first sight..maybe attraction at first sight..but love? love is too deep to divulge in with just first glance...

14)Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
>>yes! hahaha...and it's more important if guys can get the date right! hahahah!

15) Do you believe that you can change someone?
>> maybe...i don't know...

16) If u could get married anywhere, where would it be (money's not an option)?
>> i'd love a garden wedding.. :) it's sweet and romantic when people used to have their weddings on their own gardens...but alas, i don't have a garden! hahaahh! :P

17) Do you have feelings for someone right now?
>> yes...

18) Have you ever wished you could've had someone but you couldn't?
>> no...

19) Have you ever broken a heart?
>> yes...

20) Would you ever fight somebody over your significant other?
>> yEs

21) Is there anything you want to say to your ex?
>> just thank you..
:) thank you for letting me go..because if it
weren't for that...i wouldn't be in a much happier
state than i am now...and i forgive u... :) i hope u forgive me too..

i'm not tagging anyone....haha! i feel so lazy to do it actually... :P

i love this photo:

haha! it's like i'm the yellow one and my boyfriend's the green one...soooo freakingly cute!:P

Well, since nothing much is happening lately, ponder on this instead guys:

"there is a drop of madness in love...but there is a drop of reason in every madness.."

i love you all ... :)


Blogger yuri said...

flying from the chef's blog! hey! good luck on ur exams...

Blogger Alternati said...

Good luck sa exams. Too bad bout the wisdom tooth AND the sore eyes. Well I guess its better to have these done rather than having them on your vacation... I miss sem-breaks. Sigh..

Blogger ralphT said...

cute pic! :)

Blogger babymoi said...

yuri--thanks! :)

alternati--yeah..update lng pala,i don't have sore eyes...a vein in my eyes burst out...i'm having a queen elizabeth moment here.. :( hehe....yes, sem breaks..the height of being a college student..hahahah! :P

ralpt--thank you! *blushes* :P

Blogger Talamasca said...

You're so gonna die from pain. Kidding.

Get well soon. ;-p

Blogger Talamasca said...

Die IN pain, rather. Screw me.

Blogger babymoi said...

talamasca--hahaha! you're on bad ass!!! :P well we all are gonna die anyway! hahah! :P

Blogger babymoi said...

i mean one not on...heheh!

Blogger Chas Ravndal said...

Goodluck on your exams and I hope you feel better now!

Blogger ralphT said...

magaling ka na? hehe

Blogger babymoi said...

charles--thank you! you're such a dear.. :)

ralphT--yes! mejo nwwla na ang red sa mata ko..haha! :P

Blogger Talamasca said...

Thanks for appreciating my halloween template! Would you believe that I just did all the coding and graphics today? O_o

Anyway, I hope your aches have gone poof! already!

Blogger babymoi said...

talamasca--as in luv ko tlga template mo! haha! hmph..i wish i was as good as u are in html and stuff..i really suck bigtime in that..haha! as you can layout is still a bit bare.. :P

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